About Us


We are Jared and Morgan Sandifer from South Louisiana. We have been married since March 2017. We have two cats - a bengal cat and a tabby cat. In our down time, you can find us at a restaurant, taking a spontaneous vacation, or entertaining our friends and family. We both enjoy a variety of music, going to concerts, being outdoors, a good burger, family, Jesus and America!

Morgan's fun facts:

Forensic Scientist by day. Addicted to coffee. Enneagram 8w7. Proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler. Vacationer - to anywhere! Sports fan. Gardening is my therapy. Very active - except distance running. Love crawfish, steak, pizza, margaritas, and wine!

jared's fun facts:

LEO by day. Also addicted to coffee. Enneagram 8w9. Loves old cars (especially Ford Broncos) and all airplanes. Distance runner. Beer enthusiast. King of puns! Enjoys a good book. Not a fan of sports.


Kelli (Piper & Parker)

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"Y'all are awesome!! So easy to work with and love all the pics! Thank you!"

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